Friday, May 19, 2006

Knowledge and Empowerment through Education

I think that knowledge is power.

That is why in areas of the world where access to knowledge is limited, providing knowledge to poor, remote populations can empower, embolden, and drive people toward higher standards of living (and more choices for better lives).

I recently came across a fascinating article in the MIT Technology Review about EduVision, a company that provides appropriate information technology tools for the classroom. "Appropriate technology" means that the technology can be adapted to the environment in which it can be used and to the users, without making assumptions about the users understanding of the technology based on out-of-context generalizations.

From the EduVision web site: "To lower the overall cost of primary and secondary education, EduVIsion aims to replace physical textbooks, notebooks and stationary items with a single integrated system (EELS) which will follow each student throughout the course of their education."

The project is financed by Bridgeworks Capital, a Swiss venture capital firm with a mandate to commericalize technologies that address global concerns.


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