Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vote your favorite social ventures!

Check out Best Buy and Ashoka Youth Venture's @15 Community Impact Challenge, in which five teams of young social entrepreneurs will be chosen from 15 finalists for prizes of up to $5,000. Cast your vote today. And, with inspiring ventures that are helping communities locally and around the world, everyone is a winner!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We voted!

Stumbled across your blog and liked what you're doing. Check ours out and join our cause. For every sign up we donate 10 cents to the charity of your choice and for every purchase we donate 1%.

Cheers, Kungpi, and Salud From the Roozt team!

3:43 PM  
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Blogger Unknown said...

We're looking for students with business ideas rooted in conscious capitalism. Sign up for the Tulane Business Plan Competition. $70,000 in cash prizes!!! Click here for more info:

8:30 AM  
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Anonymous Nick said...

in the advance modern world we are also developing rural villages and there resources for farming, we encourage them how they can develop there villages and area. Nupur Agarwal is social entrepreneur she is working to developing villages India and encouraging peoples on "how they develop there area"

10:02 PM  

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